Hello world!

Whew, the 3rd blog I’m now keeping/managing! The first two are GWSEF (for The GW Social Enterprise Forum) and 100 Things List (for the 100 Things List that my friends and I are keeping).

cmroman.wordpress.com will be a more personal account of my life, professional endeavors, academic journey, etc!

It seems like an opportune time to start this blog, especially since I am Facebook-free, as per #64 on the 100 Things List (go a week without Facebook). Mom and Sissy changed my password for me so I have no way of accessing my account! The past 11-ish hours have been liberating, but we’ll see how I feel at the end of 7 days!

Some exciting new developments:
-I submitted a business plan to MTV’s Movers and Changers contest, which called for business plans that address a social issue (the core value of social enterprise). It’s a long shot, but at least I got credit for my Entrepreneurship class! I have never felt so engaged while completing a class assignment. Sitting for 13 (yes, 13!) straight hours at Starbucks was completely worth the satisfaction I feel. It was a really eye-opening experience, and I’m definitely going to make changes to my class schedule for the next 3 semesters to incorporate business classes.

-I also entered the Pitch George contest, which is a competition where participants give short “elevator pitches” (which actually take place in an elevator) for business plans. The winner gets $2000! It’s on Nov 14, so I’ll update about my experience then!

-For a GW Social Enterprise Forum event, we are looking to hold a “SHE Soiree” for SHEnterprises (sheinnovates.com), which is an incredible social enterprise that seeks “to improve the quality of life for people in resource-poor settings” through market-based approaches. Essentially, they provide a woman in a village with the equipment to manufacture sanitary pads. Through this approach, they not only help women become entrepreneurs, but they also help attack a major health issue. This video clearly outlines the remarkable process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKmt7PwYPCY.

-We are working with Kelly Ann Collins, a prominent DC socialite/event planner/blogger (glittarazzi.com) to arrange the soiree. I must admit I’m a bit intimidated by the scope of her work, but we’re excited have her onboard with our cause.

Grant (co-founder & co-president of The GW Social Enterprise Forum, mentor, and social entrepreneur extraordinare) and I have a coffee date with Awista Ayub (http://www.awistaayub.com), author of the renowned book However Tall the Mountain. Her book, which chronicles the formation of The Afghan Youth Sports Exchange (an organization dedicated to nurturing Afghan girls through soccer), has been praised by Hillary Clinton and Khaled Hosseini (bestselling author of The Kite Runner), among others. We’re excited to hopefully schedule a speaking engagement with her for the Forum!

-The Forum is actively planning the upcoming Kiva Days. Kiva is the first microfinance organization that allows individuals and groups to make small-scale loans ($25+) to developing world entrepreneurs. Within a year, the loan is repaid. Visit kiva.org for more information. We will 1) preselect five entrepreneurs from 5 continents to invest in, 2) market extensively, 3) arrange tables in Kogan Plaza (our campus’s “quad”) for 2 straight days, 4) funnel students to Forum members, who will be stationed with laptops and will walk students through the simple process of lending through the Kiva website, and 5) keep track of all investments made throughout the 2 days. We hope to make Kiva Days a household name!

-I’m interning for Girls on the Run as a Program Development Intern. I’m designing a scalability/feasibility plan for the organization…funny how all my interests are suddenly intersecting!


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