Back in DC…

…after almost a week in beautiful NC. I really cannot express how amazing this week/weekend was. The simplest things feel novel when I’m in NC, like driving down the highway with the windows down, blasting music, looking at the changing leaves, picking up a cup of coffee, everything!

Being back really made me consider moving back after school, which I NEVER thought I’d say. In the meantime, I have pages of inside jokes to tide me over till Thanksgiving break.

I also have a new project – designing a business plan outline for my sister’s brainchild, a non-profit that deals with kids with autism and dogs (not sure how much I’m allowed to give away!). You know, something to fill all my non-existent free time, haha.

Shoutout to the 3 Shmusketeers- Shmagel, Shmiscuit, and Shmuffin 🙂


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