Back from hiatus!

So after several months on hiatus from blogging, I have decided to give it a shot again! There’s no particular reason that prompted me to begin again, but I’m excited to keep documenting my endeavors!

In just over 2 weeks, I will be back in North Carolina for the summer. My sister and I just signed the lease on our (her?) amazing townhouse, which is close to both downtown Raleigh and Glenwood. Most importantly, the cost of the whole place is less than a studio in DC!

Things I’m looking forward to this summer (in no particular order): Watching Friends every day. My brother’s wedding in VA. My 21st birthday. Country concerts- with cowboy boots and cowgirl hats. Babysitting for my amazing family (I love those girls!). Continuing to intern with Social Enterprise Associates. Spontaneous beach road trip. Sunday morning recaps of Saturday nights.

And mostly- spending every waking minute with my sister. We haven’t lived together in 7 years, but I am bubbling with the excitement at the thought of being reunited! As we like to say “Watch out, Raleigh. The Roman sisters are reunited!” When we’re together, the most mundane activities are suddenly fun- even just going to Target. And there is no one else in the world I laugh with as much as her!!

We’ve developed a new technique for when we get in little fights- we simply say “Let’s start over,” and then literally reenact the situation in a healthy, non-argumentative way. Genius, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure it will solve most, if not all, of our problems MUCH quicker than usual.

But before I head back to NC, I’ve been thinking about the past semester and how much has happened. I met Thomas Friedman, saw Bill Drayton, attended Ashoka events, came up with three business plans, interned….and that’s only on the professional side of life! Although I’ve absolutely loved all of those experiences, I’m really looking to taking a break from DC life to pursue other interests- like having fun 🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about the necessity of having balance in life lately, and I think having a chill summer will restore some balance to my life.

Those are all the deep thoughts I have at the moment 🙂 I plan to keep this blog updated now though, so stay tuned!


Chilling with David Bornstein, no big deal...


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