Guys like “green gals”?

From Haha love it! RT @3blnow: Guys Are Looking For Green Gals, Survey Finds:

Apparently, “54 percent of men in the United States would refuse to start a relationship with a woman who litters. Another 25 percent would question dating gals who don’t recycle; 23 percent if they left the light on when they weren’t home; 21 percent if they drove a gas-guzzler.” All I have to say: good for guys…and good for me hopefully! 🙂

Andddd:  “As opposed to a more traditional evening out, more than 40 percent of men would prefer an “adventure” date of hiking or rock climbing with a prospective partner.” I would be totally game if a guy were to suggest an outdoor date over a dinner & movie date! I think that’s a perfect way to start a fun, spontaneous relationship!


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