Designing a business

As I mentioned before, I wrote a venture plan in my Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class, and I am so psyched about it. Without revealing too much proprietary info (I feel so cool saying that haha!), I’ll say that my idea involves career portfolios, professional development, and fun.

As Stephen Douglass of YoungImpact says, “All roads lead to launch,” so I suppose I have to launch my business now!

I had a revelation today that blogging about my experience with starting a business might make me more likely to actually launch it. I would hate to write about it nonstop and then suddenly drop it. So, making the process public might make me more accountable and improve my chances of success. Here’s hoping!

P.S. Interested in business/women’s development/entrepreneurship/professional development/career portfolios/etc?! Contact me! I would love your insight/feedback/help! THANK YOU!


2 thoughts on “Designing a business

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