Social enterprise & plain old socializing.

On the social enterprise front: I grabbed coffee this week with a fellow social enterprise enthusiast who’s working on several projects in the Raleigh-Durham area. It was exciting to talk shop after being on a mini-hiatus since the beginning of the summer.

It was great to hear about all of the organizations/projects/ventures that revolve around social enterprise & social innovation going on in the area. To name a few: Bull City Forward, The Redwoods Group, and Good Work. I’m particularly looking forward to Good Work’s Community Gatherings!

Another cool organization that I may consider applying to for after graduation: d.light international. It’s a for-profit social enterprise that seeks to “Enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity.” They do this by replacing kerosene lanterns with a special kind of light, called a D.light Nova.

On the strictly social front- my sister runs a volunteer group for young adults in the Raleigh area. She organizes monthly service projects with organizations in the Triangle, and individuals can sign up by project. She’s working on a website, but information is available on Facebook- Mix, Meet, and Make a Change. This past Saturday, we did a clean up project at Jordan Lake- picking up trash from a site by the dam. It looked like a landfill, but we made some serious progress- we found hundreds of tennis balls, unopened beer cans from 1962, heroine needles, and even “Pimp Oil” (Seriously! Apparently it provides a lovely scent for your vehicle haha). One person pointed out that just getting people out to see the environmental degradation is an important awareness-building step.

After volunteering, we rewarded ourselves- with a cookout, s’mores, camping, and my personal favorite- tubing! It was undoubtedly extreme tubing, and I have the bumps, bruises (including on my chin!), and sore muscles to prove it. It was definitely one of the best weekends of the summer, and solidified the fact that my first investment as an adult will be a boat! Life is so much better on the water!


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