I’m baaack

I’ve been following several inspirational blogs (Kimberly Wilson’s Tranquility du Jour, Analiese’s Tulips and Tea, Kaileen Elise’s blog, etc), as well as regularly checking the Better Homes and Gardens website, Apartment Therapy.comAllRecipes.com, and The99Percent.com.

All of these sites and blogs revolve around simple, chic everyday living- seeking tranquility, being mindful, cooking satisfying and healthful meals, being productive and goal-oriented, and being surrounded by aesthetically-pleasing things.

I find myself thinking about these elements frequently- I carry a moleskin notebook to jot down new ideas; I regularly update the inspiration board above my dining room table; I’ve tried several new (and delicious!) recipes in the last week; and I keep a bulletin board with my past to do lists, which showcases my productivity!

Essentially, these small everyday activities motivate me, inspire me…and most importantly, are fun for me. Along the same vein, keeping a blog keeps me accountable and encourages me to keep actively pursing new opportunities for self-development!

So, long story short…I’m back to blogging!


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