TAD- Three A Day

TAD is my new acronym for “Three A Day” aka three positive things that happened to me each day. It’s important to me to stay positive, even if I’m stressed, so focusing on my daily highlights helps!


  • Financial loan came through (woohoo- finally!)
  • Two individuals expressed interest in my current research (the prevalence of illegitimate unpaid internships on college campuses) and asked for a copy of the final report to use in their offices
  • The Twitter account I’m managing (@DaretoAskBook) has more followers!

All around, it was a great day (except for a less-than-perfect marketing exam), and it’s not even over yet 🙂

Yesterday’s highlights:

  • Finally stopped feeling crabby 🙂
  • Ate an amazing meal- red pepper tomato soup with pepper jack grilled cheese on a balcony in perfect weather with friends
  • Moved forward on the upcoming #SocEntChat I’m coordinating

One thought on “TAD- Three A Day

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