Yesterday’s TAD & October goals

Yesterday was CHAOTIC- up at 6:45 for a run, work, studying, GW Social Enterprise Forum documentary viewing (The New Recruits), Compass module in Georgetown with Julie Kantor (my mentor) of NFTE, cupcake making & studying with friends. Whew, busy but rewarding day!


  • Catching up with Julie. We [tentatively] planned a dinner get-together at her place!
  • Great early morning run + sitting on the roof with breakfast before work
  • Excellent strategic planning meeting with the VP of the Forum

I have decided to do a monthly goal check- in (credit goes to Kimberly Wilson for this idea). I’m comfortable sharing most (I’m a very open person!), but some I’m keeping alllllll to myself (or sharing with close friends).

  • Reach 400 Forum members
  • Finish Army 10 Miler
  • Run 3x a week
  • Building strong relationships with my Compass mentees
  • Eat dinner at home 4.5x a week (yes, that’s 4.5)
  • Go on at least one hike
  • Apply to fellowship in India
  • Sell 75 DaretoAsk books (you can help me by going to the link and purchasing a book- it’s an amazing handbook that provides women with the skills and confidence to negotiate in various settings)
  • Do 4 things from the Washington Post Going Out Guide
  • Begin a babysitting job
  • Bake 4 times
  • Buy new fall clothing
  • Meditate 5 mins a day
  • Check Facebook only once a day
  • Check two things off the 100 Things List
  • Host a Goals Night with friends
  • Go out to bars and don’t drink anything
  • Have a spa night (alone or with friends)
  • Finish decorating my apartment
  • Begin beta testing my business concept
  • Enter Pitch George elevator pitch competition
  • Try 6 new recipes
  • Read the newspaper 2x a week
  • Build my inspiration board
  • Host a wine tasting
  • Keep a budget
  • Reach 250 Twitter followers (silly I know!)
  • Reach 45 follows on WomenDaretoAsk Twitter

I’m excited to continue tackling these goals! What are your October goals?


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