Um, can I do Five a Day?

I’ve been having great days, hence the title of this post. I have so many highlights that it’s hard to choose just three- don’t mean to rub it in if you’re not doing so hot!

Yesterday’s Three-A-Day

  • A sophomore girl told me that her class was discussing change leaders on campus. She told me she raised her hand and said my name. Then she told me she “wanted to be like me when she grew up.” It was the sweetest compliment ever and definitely made my day. It’s interesting being a senior and knowing that people look up to you! It’s nice to know I’m a positive role model- at least in one person’s eyes 🙂
  • I had a long talk with a friend about my career future. He said he saw me in a corporate setting but in a position that made a social impact- exactly my thoughts! Since I LOVE career discussions, it was fun for me to be pyscho-analyzed haha.
  • I saw the Social Network last night with two new friends. They’re great girls and I’m excited to still be making friends senior year of college! It’s nice to see that people aren’t closed off to meeting new people. On a less positive note, the movie made me sad! Seeing the relationship between friends destroyed over money, fame, and girls was disappointing and left me feeling icky. So here’s to never letting those factors get in the way of real friendships (or sisterhood!)

Today’s Three-A-Day

It’s only 3:20 and I have so many! I had a free day, so I checked some things off my to do list, including running to Target for some much-needed cooking supplies and fall clothing.

  • A fellow intern sent me a Facebook message asking if I had an interest in subbing for her at her work while she’s gone for a week. The job is…drumroll please…taking care of a baby and cooking for the family. If you know me, you’ll know this is just about my dream job! I get to play with an adorable baby and get paid to cook? SIGN ME UP!
  • I got my shower drained cleaned- not super exciting, but let me tell you, it needed it! Such a relief to finally have it handled.
  • As I mentioned, I picked up some baking supplies + clothing. I didn’t get what I needed (brown loafers and a brown/beige light jacket), but I’m very happy with my purchases 🙂
  • I had an idea for a business venture as I was on the Metro home- I love cooking, so why not offer home-cooked meals for GW students who either don’t have a kitchen OR don’t like to/can’t cook? Woo, more on that as it progresses.

Headed to Career Center to talk about future career options- yes, I’m excited and yes, I’m a dork 🙂

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