TAD & Destress Dinner & Frugality


  • Making delicious pumpkin pancakes
  • Studying in Illy with friends…then bumping into other people I knew…then bumping into even more people I knew! It seems to be the reunion spot for people interested in social enterprise.
  • Getting dinner at Mei Wah (delicious!) with friends, then trekking to Dupont Circle for fro-yo. We made dinner a Destress Dinner, in typical Sunday night fashion. More below!

Frugal food discovery: My friends and I are obsessed with the “special sauce” at Mei-Wah. It’s served over tofu and costs $10.95. We asked our waitress if we could buy a large container of sauce, and she said it would be $2.50. A container of tofu is about $2 from the grocery store, bringing the grand total of home-made tofu with special sauce to $5.50, or about $2.25 a serving. Total saved: $5.45! Sweet.

Fun Sunday tradition: A friend and I began “Destress Dinners” our sophomore year. We would order in Mei Wah or make tofu stir fry, sit in a circle on the floor, and chat. That alone made it destressing, but we added an extra component- every person shares one thing they’re stressed about for the week and then one (or more! thing(s) they’re excited about for the week. It’s a great ritual with close friends because it allows you to vent but then go into the week with a positive attitude.

A lesson learned: This is best done in a small group of friends that you are very comfortable with. Sometimes your stressors are very personal, and you might not want to open up to people you aren’t close to. Also, a large group gets easily distracted, people get impatient, etc.



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