Cool links

MicroGiving: Actually found out about this through a Facebook ad! This online platform allows you to seek donations for: charity, a financial emergency, or your own project. Might have to consider creating a profile for my new business!

Why Eating Meat is Good for the PlanetWhy Meat-less Mondays are Good for You: My friend started an email thread among several of us, which spurred a debate about the various perspectives popping up on meat consumption. Is “flexitarianism” just a new trend or is it a good happy medium? Is eating meat in moderation beneficial for the environment? And if Meatless Mondays are about “meat-eaters doing their part,” are they doing enough of their part? I’ve avoided defining myself as a flexitarian because I think it’s faddish, but I think it best explains my philosophy on meat-eating.

Ogunte: The “Global Tribal Network” of “women leading the social economy.” They seek to create a world filled with “Women with achievable, and socially bold, innovative ideas leading the social economy.” Inspiring 🙂 A fairly standard recipe website. One of my favorite parts: Compare-O-Matic, which allows you to compare two recipes side-by-side. My other favorite part: the “Right Dish, Wrong Ingredients” feature, which allows you to find recipes for the same dish with different ingredients (for example, if you’re out of oil, you can find another recipe that substitutes applesauce)

Dick Roman Photography: My uncle’s INCREDIBLE photography. I have several of his pieces on my wall, but I plan to buy 4 more photos to hang over my couch.


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