Contrived Entrepreneurship

Contrived: deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously
Entrepreneur: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise

I got to thinking recently about what I call “contrived entrepreneurship.” In some- if not most- entrepreneurship, an individual sees a problem or gap in the market and determines a way to solve or fill it. But increasingly, there are classes & competitions & institutes & fellowships that provide people an outlet for creating a business or social venture- even if they don’t know what problem they’re seeking to solve.

Is contrived entrepreneurship just another means to an advantageous end? Does the way you approach a problem matter, if what you’re producing benefits the community?

On one side, I’ve seen a team of students at a social venture competition create an ill-conceived venture plan that was completely out of touch with the needs of their beneficiaries. In fact, they mentioned in their elevator pitch that they were searching for an idea- any idea- and this is what they came up with (they were promptly admonished by the judges, who stated that a person should never admit that during a pitch).

On the other hand, I took a Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class, where I was required  to produce a business plan by the end of the semester. Constantly contemplating possible ventures  sparked an idea in my head, which I don’t think would have happened had I not been enrolled in the class at the time.

They say “Necessity breeds innovation.” If so, which is necessity? Is necessity filling a needed gap in the market? Or is necessity my need for a good grade in the class? And does it really matter?


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