4 Days of TAD

Whew, amazing how quickly the days got away! It’s been few days since I’ve done my TAD, so I thought I’d just combine the highlights of the last few days. SO much wonderful things have been happening.

  • Our #SocEntChat at work went well
  • Met the family I’ll be working for next week- adorable 3-month-old girl
  • Had a mid-week dinner with a friend- which never happens anymore because our schedules conflict
  • Got a high grade on an exam I thought I didn’t do well on
  • Met an inspiring speaker at a Compass event
  • Submitted the first part of my application for a fellowship in India
  • Went out for the first time in a few weeks and had a BLAST- met new interesting people & talked about real things (not just superficial bar conversations)
  • Met some fun neighbors
  • Met a guy who does international development consulting; he offered to help me in any way he can
  • Applied for a blogging scholarship- here’s hoping!

And the BEST part of the past few days: I finally announced GW Bites (home-cooked meals for students, as well as “Meals in a Jar”). As of right now, I’ve had 882 hits on the website today alone- I am thrilled and shocked by the level of interest. In addition, I had an exciting meeting with a friend, who offered to host a launch party for me at her apartment. AND three people contacted me about becoming part of the GW Bites cooking/baking team. I was a giddy mess all day because I’m SOO excited about the potential for GW Bites.

And I have a fun day-date planned with one of my best friends who I never see anymore. Yay!


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