The grass is greener…or is it?

I realized recently that I have “grass is greener” syndrome…bad! It’s not at all that I don’t appreciate my life. I absolutely do, but it’s still easy to think other people’s lives are cooler. Also, I tend to plan a lot for the future and look back on the past a lot as well. In fact, some of my favorite pastimes are reminiscing and planning my life to come. I don’t think it’s an inherently bad thing to do, but I want to make more of an effort to live in the present- especially since I’m a senior. These are the glory days!

As I was thinking about all of the stuff above, I got to thinking about all of the cool things that have happened in the past year.

-Wrote a business plan
-Met Thomas Friedman
-Saw Bill Drayton at an event (update: sat in a meeting with Bill)
-Got invited to the White House Office of Social Innovation
-Met David Bornstein
-Co-founded a student organization
-Became the CBC Student Coordinator
-So so so many other wonderful things

Some of these are silly but nevertheless exciting. In the grand scheme of things, meeting cool authors, for example, isn’t life-changing, but it sure is fun to think about! Most importantly, these cool opportunities have occurred because of other very relevant and significant things- like creating a student organization. Without taking the first step to do that, I never would have met Bill Drayton or David Bornstein.

Life lesson #1: Daring moves are heavily rewarded
Life lesson #2: My grass is pretty green, so I should appreciate that every day.


One thought on “The grass is greener…or is it?

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