Pictures galore!

The lone table at the top of the hill (the “Table in the Sky”) at the Three Foxes Vineyard in VA, wher we went for a Hike & Wine trip

Beautiful field of flowers at Sky Meadows State Park

I made these amazing pumpkin pancakes and topped them with butter, a dash of powdered sugar, and a few Halloween sprinkles 🙂

Zucchini-carrot muffins made from this recipe. I used cinnamon applesauce because it’s the only thing I had on hand. These are amazing warmed up with cream cheese!

Delicious fajitas made with this homemade fajita seasoning . I stir-fried onions, peppers, and zucchini with the seasoning, melted jarlsberg on top (only cheese I had!), and threw on tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, and beans.

I saw an ad in the laundry room from one of my neighbors, so I went to check out her items for sale. I bought a clear vase, 5 wine glasses, and a picture frame- for $4!

Found a great use for the vase/bowl!

Made great use of the picture frame. I have a picture of my best friend from home (“Wifey”); my sister and I with our newborn nephew; me, my sister and her best friend (who’s like my other sister); and cowgirl hats, which remind me of home.

I’m a terrible photographer but I somehow got this amazing picture when I was in high school. I’ve been meaning to frame it ever since, and I finally did yesterday. *Note: the picture of the picture is horrible, but the actual picture is great 🙂

Pictures of friends and family hanging by my door!

The space over my couch has been glaringly white and empty since I moved in. My friend and I were chatting yesterday when we had the completely random idea to use pashmina scarves (which I needed a place to hang anyway) as wall decor. I love it! It’s funky and eye-catching.

If you know me at all (or even have read my blog at all), you’ll know I’m obsessed with fall. I wanted a place to display this gorgeous pictures- in beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red- so I decided to make a little hanging collage!


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