the (rapid-fire) evolution of gw bites

As I mentioned, I launched the website for my new micro-enterprise, GW Bites recently.

To give you some background: I’ve been cooking and baking an inordinate amount since I moved in to my apartment this semester. Having my own kitchen space has been enormously helpful, and I’ve been inspired by unique fall recipes.


  • Friday, October 15: Went to Target to pick up baking supplies. Lamented how much money I spent. Realized I should make money off baking. The name GW Bites and idea of home-cooked meals popped into my head immediately. Filled moleskin notebook with countless pages of ideas.
  • Saturday, October 16: Launched GW Bites website. Made a friend put it as her Facebook status. Got 50 website hits.
  • Sunday, October 17 to Thursday, October 21: Asked more friends to make it their Facebook status. Built up suspense by not telling people what GW Bites was. Got 100 hits per day on the website.
  • Friday, October 22: Officially announced business. Watched (while freaking out!) as I got about 60 website hits every 5 minutes. Refreshed stats page countless times. Received 1000 website hits. Link went viral.
  • Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24: Got about 350-400 hits per day on the site.

My takeaways: Viral marketing works! Suspense is key. People love anything related to food.

And most importantly: If you have a simple and easily implemented business idea, DO IT. Work fast. Yes, some companies need to spend a lot more time on due diligence, risk management, market research, etc. But if your business venture is similar to GW Bites- requires minimal start-up costs, requires few starting clients, can be easily marketed, go for it. As many entrepreneurs have told me, you only know if it will work if you do it.

My idea and the implementation of my idea took LITERALLY (and I don’t mean literally in a non-literal way!) a week. And I couldn’t asked for a better start 🙂


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