productivity out the window

I’m supposed to be doing work with a friend. She’s diligently typing away on her class assignment while I diligently blog 🙂

So far this evening, we have:

  • Made home-made pizza
  • Roasted red, orange, and yellow peppers
  • Sipped wine
  • Drank vanilla caramel truffle tea
  • Baked carrot spice cupcakes
  • Finished up Kiva Days materials for tomorrow
  • Laughed a lot
  • Facebook stalked
  • Looked at cute babies
  • Applied to a babysitting job
  • Been silly and weird
  • Avoided homework

Perhaps not the most productive evening, but definitely full of fun!


2 thoughts on “productivity out the window

  1. productive, or productive fat asses? seriously more than half of these things involve food haha

    love you butternut squash!

    diligently yours (not),
    atlantic city

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