doin’ alright

I haven’t blogged for a few days and I miss it!


  • Catch up on schoolwork- chugging along
  • Finish my American India Fellowship application– due tomorrow, putting on the final touches in a few minutes!
  • Work on another application (top secret!)- making great progress; have had great feedback from the few people I’ve told
  • Meet with students in aforementioned top secret program- all incredible and inspiring; encouraging feedback from them too
  • Be interviewed by a Hatchet writer about GW Bites– met a great reporter! She was SO sweet and we had fun bonding over food
  • Figure out GMAT dates– in progress

I had a FANTASTIC weekend- as I mentioned earlier, I don’t go out as much as I used to. The bar scene just wasn’t fun for me anymore and I got tired of wasting my time. But on Friday I went out with an AMAZING group of girls. Most of us knew each other, but some of the girls didn’t…but everyone meshed SO well. It wasn’t Hangover-style epic, but it was just a really really fun time, made complete by amazing music (from N’Sync to Guns N Roses!). Last night I went to a friend’s birthday in a dorm, which was also super fun.

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Grabbing a drink with 2 friends- chatting about jobs & reminiscing about Now That’s What I Call Music (Aaron’s Party- Come Get It!)
  • Being called off the street and given a free round of drinks by the owner of a new bar downtown
  • Meeting fun people
  • Dancing to Party in the USA…Tik Tok…Bye Bye Bye…
  • Eating Malaysian food near U St with friends (amazing- we got pancakes, eggplant curry, and wide noodles with delicious sauce)
  • Being ABSURDLY productive on Friday (emailed my trusted advisors/professors/partners/colleagues to get their insight on my career search- I am SO thankful for all of the amazing people in my network)
  • Participating in the Pitch George competition (alas, I did not win, but I got great feedback on my business idea. Congrats to Tricia Reville for her second consecutive win!)
  • Visiting a new babysitting family (I got to their house a few minutes early, so I took a walk through their beautiful and quiet neighborhood. It was so peaceful. I even snapped a few fall pictures on my phone!)
  • Reading my newest novel- Michael Crichton’s Rising Sun

The next week will be intense but it’s capped off on Saturday with my first ever trip to ATLANTIC CITY  with the girls!

What’s in store:

  • Watching a football game with a friend at a local sports bar tonight
  • Intense GW Social Enterprise Forum planning meeting
  • Finishing both applications
  • Coffee with a new friend
  • Delivering GW Bites meal- lentil soup, ziti with roasted zucchini, and banana-chocolate chip muffins
  • Babysitting for my new family
  • Attending the Hunger Banquet at GW
  • Road tripping to Atlantic City in a mini-van with a group of 6 amazing girls! SOO fun

P.S. The blog title is in reference to one of my favorite Collective Efforts song, appropriately titled “Doin’ Alright.” This video is weird but the song is awesome.

Update: Just saw down to do my econ homework…and realized I already did it! Best feeling ever!

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