Life updates

  • I felt daring and reached out to a certain group-buying site about a job for next semester. When out of a limb and got a request for an interview! Reiterates what I always say: it pays off (literally!) to take risks
  • In addition to being interviewing about GW Bites by my school newspaper, I’m being interviewed by a friend for GWTV! I better look extra good tomorrow 🙂 It will be a whirlwind of grocery shopping, cooking, assembling Meals in a Jar, making deliveries, posing for pictures, and being videoed.
  • As I mentioned, I reached out to my network- trusted professors, friends, mentors, colleagues, etc- and I’ve had INCREDIBLE feedback. Looking forward to adding to my ongoing career search database (yes, I made myself a database. Yes, I’m a huge dork).
  • I submitted my India application 4 minutes to go- whew!
  • Looking forward to Gov 2.0 event at GW on Friday!
  • Wish I could attend YNPNdc’s International Development Happy Hour!

Tra la la, life is great!


One thought on “Life updates

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