As in, Atlantic City to DC to North Carolina!

On Saturday, the girls packed up our awesome New Jersey-inspired outfits and hopped in a light blue mini-van en route to Atlantic City. After about 5 hours (including unexpected detours and plenty of pit stops) of techno music and sweet dance moves, we arrived in the classiest place on earth- Atlantic City!! We crammed 9 girls into 1 room (shh, don’t tell the Harrah’s staff). Many of the details are not suited for a blog, but let’s just say we had tons of fun- I even gambled and won 2 whole dollars! And then lost it, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m back in DC for approximately 34 more hours then I hop in a rental car and make a solo road trip to NC for Thanksgiving- and you better believe I’ll be blasting Iyaz’s aptly titled song “Solo.” Then it’s 5 days of home-cooked food, Christmas music, seasonal Starbucks drinks, Friends (the Thanksgiving episodes), and lounging with my sister on the couch- pretty much our favorite place in the townhouse. We’re also headed to a little log cabin for a night to get fresh air, turn off our cell phones, and run around with my nieces (aka her dogs).

Standing between me and break:

  • One midterm
  • One paper
  • One day of work

Also- check out the article on GW Bites in this morning’s Hatchet: Delivering dorm-friendly dinners. I don’t like the picture, but I’m just happy to get publicity 🙂 Thank you to the writer, the photographer, and all my awesome customers who were interviewed!

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