Fun new news

Back from a great break in NC. As predicted, it was filled with holiday drinks from Starbucks, delicious food, road tripping, intermittent country and pop music, bonding, Friends episodes, Better Homes and Gardens reading, knitting, and being silly.

Fun new news:

  • Record number of GW Bites orders this week. I’m seeing exponential growth!
  • A mom wants to put GW Bites coupons in her daughter’s stockings. GREAT idea
  • Took up knitting again- so old-school but it will make great holiday presents
  • I’m “catering” my class’ meal to celebrate the end of the semester
  • I had a fantastic- and fun!- interview yesterday. Fingers crossed!
  • I get to babysit for the family with the baby again! I adore her, so I’m VERY excited
  • Two of my best friend’s birthdays are next week!

I’m a bit overwhelmed- I don’t think I’ve ever been forced so quickly back into school mode after break. I have a ton of assignments due, but I’m trying to keep myself on an even keel by balancing school and fun!

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