I keep track of all the blogs that I love through Google Reader and #reverb10 keeps popping up on my “newsfeed.” It’s an innovative website that encourages individuals to “reflect on this year and manifest what’s next.” Since I consider myself a “constant self-improver,” I thought it would be neat to participate by responding to the daily prompts. I don’t want to be too ambitious, so I might start out by choosing just one prompt per week to respond to.

Three-A-Day for yesterday:

  • “Catered” for one of my classes
  • Finished classes; in the home stretch for the rest of the semester (VERY bittersweet as a senior)
  • Enjoyed a night out with two friends
  • Officially going to Birthright in February with my sister!

Today and this weekend:

  • Getting paid to cook, grocery shop, play with a baby, and hang out in Georgetown- perfection!
  • A friend’s birthday is tonight- we have fun plans! I bought her a giant cupcake from Trader Joe’s 🙂
  • Grabbing lunch with other GW students who are interested in food entrepreneurship
  • Attending a going away party for a friend who’s moving to San Fran!
  • Maybe brunch on Sunday?
  • Baking party with a friend- making baked goods for everyone we love!

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