7 vegetables, 11 recipes: part 4

I wrote here about a roasted vegetable panini and coincidentally, it uses the same core set of produce as the other recipes!

I made up this dish for dinner last night and it was delicious.

1. Sautee chopped vegetables over low until they are tender. I used red, orange, and yellow peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and onion. I threw in oregano, basil, pepper, & cayenne for seasoning.

2. Cover bread with cheddar cheese slices. I used TJ’s Parmesan Garlic Baguette, which I highly recommend. Place cooked vegetables on bread and cover with second bread slice.

3. Grill on low until cheese is melted. I put a plate on top of the sandwich to weight it down and make it more panini-like. If you have a George Foreman or panini press, even better!

Easy and delicious- like every other recipe I recommend :)

*Note: these vegetables aren’t actually roasted, but the panini might be even better if they were! Roasting vegetables brings out phenomenal flavors.

Cross-posted on the GW Bites website.


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