An observation

When I had 100 hits on the GW Bites website, I was psyched. When I got 1000 hits, I was beyond thrilled. But when the hits dropped below 1000 per day, I was suddenly frustrated- why couldn’t I reach 1000 again?!

I realized this tendency  in other areas of my life too: I raise my expectations and can’t settle for less. I also saw the same pattern in my sister’s thinking.

I suppose these heightened expectations are beneficial in that they keep us both striving to be better, more productive, more successful. But they can also leave us annoyed and feeling inadequate.

Here’s another example: If I was a B student, an A in a class would be awesome! But since I’m an A student, not only is an A not exciting, but a B would be detrimental.

I’m not saying we should strive for inadequacy just to feel better about ourselves, but I do think it’s important to recognize this tendency and acknowledge that we can’t always do better than we did the day before. Sometimes my website hits are out of my control.

And those are Cristina’s thoughts of the day!


4 thoughts on “An observation

  1. Cristina,

    I can definitely empathize with this idea, I commonly have similar thought processes. You might enjoy reading a very insightful (quick read) book on this topic called “The Pursuit of Perfect” by Tal Ben-Shahar. I’ve found it interesting and helpful with these perfectionistic tendencies.


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