I am

I am…

  • Sitting in my freshly cleaned apartment, which reeks of bleach (only slightly covered by the smell of vanilla candles)
  • Happy about LivingSocial internship for next semester
  • Waiting for my mom to come to DC
  • About to meet with a woman who’s staying at my apartment over break
  • Sorting through credit card offers
  • Sipping Pumpkin Spice Coffee (duh!)
  • Roasting tomatoes
  • Prepping for dinner with Mom- pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables, baguette with Jarlsberg, spiced tomato and chickpea soup, broiled mango, and sparkling white wine
  • Submitting letter of appeal to be a part-time student next semester
  • Staring at beautiful Anthropologie apron that I got from Secret Santa and am afraid to wear because I don’t want to ruin it!
  • Listening to Top 40
  • Managing Twitter for Dare to Ask
  • Finishing up last homework assignments of the semester
  • Paying monthly student loan payment
  • Excited about going back to NC tomorrow!

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