Divine Secrets of the Roman/Prater Sisterhood

My mom, my sister, and I have been talking a lot lately about our similarities. We’re all incredibly involved in very different activities, but we realized that we share many common threads. This realization makes me feel a stronger connection to both of them; it also fosters a deeper appreciation for the strength of family bonds (pardon the cheesiness). I also see that a lot of these traits were passed on from my grandmother, so we’re keeping the family tradition alive.

  • In our unique ways, we all seek to better the community- my mom is an English teacher, I love social enterprise, and my sister works with kids with special needs.
  • We’re all very proactive. If we want to accomplish something, we absolutely will. My mom started her own accounting business, my sister founded Change the Triangle (a volunteer group for young adults in Raleigh) and I started GW Bites and The GW Social Enterprise Forum.
  • We all value the concepts of business. We can spend hours chatting about non-profits and for-profits.
  • We love meeting new people and forming new relationships- any of us can be standing in line at Starbucks or the bank and end up in an involved conversation with a stranger.
  • We share likes and dislikes of foods.
  • We have a ton of the same mannerisms.

2 thoughts on “Divine Secrets of the Roman/Prater Sisterhood

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