Pet Peeves

Usually I try to maintain a very positive vibe on my blog- sharing success stories, celebrating simple everyday living, highlighting inspiring images. But every once in awhile, I just need to do some good old venting. So today’s blog is pet peeves:

  • Standing on the left side of the escalator
  • When people don’t say “Bless you” when someone sneezes
  • When people don’t say “Thank you” when a door is held for them
  • When people misuse hashtags on Twitter (#thankgodimasenior is a sentence, not a hashtag)
  • When people call themselves social entrepreneurs (note: some people who do deserve the title. Others are incredibly talented, committed individuals who are doing great things, but that is not synonymous with social entrepreneur). For more on this, click here.
  • When people only blog/tweet/put their Facebook status as self-pitying messages. Who wants the world to think you have a sad life?!
  • Having to root around in the back seat when I’m sitting in the passenger seat

This list will be periodically updated as more pet peeves come to me 🙂

What are your pet peeves?!


3 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

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