11 Goals for 2011

  1. Travel to two interesting new places– Going to Israel for Birthright in February, Costa Rica for spring break in March, and possibly Norway in June!
  2. Finish half-marathon– I’ve completed a 10 mile race, but I would love to finish a half-marathon
  3. Be consistent with work out schedule– I can’t always commit to x number of work out per weeks, but I want to stay on track with my fitness
  4. Find a job I love for next year- As a graduating senior, this is one of my top priorities!
  5. Raise GPA .02 points– I’m just .02 GPA points away from my personal goal.
  6. Continue blogging– I’ve loved blogging (here and on the GW Bites blog) and I want to keep it up! It encourages me to have a positive outlook on life and always search for ways to make my life fresh. Be it home decorating, cooking, or social enterprise, I love having a creative outlet to express myself.
  7. Launch one new business/social venture– I have tons up my sleeve! Stay tuned.
  8. Thrive at my internship– I love the company I’m interning with, and  I can’t wait to hone my research skills, become more entrepreneurial, and meet amazing co-workers.
  9. Stay on top of my finances– As my mom says, I’m reactive, not proactive, when it comes to finances, so I want to make more of an effort to tackle this issue.
  10. Continue operating GW Bites- Whether this means having a direct or indirect role, I want to continue GW Bites in some way, shape, or form.
  11. Find a city I love for after graduation– It’s highly likely I’ll end up in DC or Raleigh, but wherever I end up, I want to love it!

There are quite a few things I did not include on this list. For example, I didn’t write “Continue cooking at home” or “Stay close with family.” For me, these are so engrained in my everyday life that they are givens. I don’t take them for granted by any means, but I also don’t think I need to devote a place on my goals list for them.

(Thank you to Angela of Oh She Glows for the “11 goals for 2011” idea!)


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