Winter Break Recap

North Carolina: Road trip with Mom. Lots of laughs with Sissy and Mommy. Nattie Green’s food. Found our dream office. Caribou study dates.

NYC: Hours of play with baby nephew. Alvin Ailey modern dance show. Delicious brunch. NYC all lit up. Rockefeller Center. Exchanging gifts. Blizzard. Snowed in in Brooklyn. Sound of Music.

Connecticut: Snowy drives. Endless scary movies. Lazy days. Taboo. Anthropologie.

North Carolina: New Years Eve fun.

Virginia: Skiing. Taboo. Phase 10. Gin Rummy. Games galore. Hot chocolate. Family time. Bruised tailbone. “Jew-Ann” and “Quay-so.”

DC: Tailbone recovery. New TV series The Dollhouse. Hotel with Mom. Vietnamese food. Bonding time.

All in all, a fantastic final (eek!) winter break, minus the unfortunate bruised tailbone incident.



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