kitchen essentials

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I have a bad case of “the more I buy, the more I buy,” meaning whenever I buy things,


I suddenly find myself needing more things to go with those things [whew, that’s a lot of things!].

So although I’ve given myself permission to continue on my mission of having a fully stocked kitchen, there are several pieces of cookware that I definitely couldn’t cook without.


  • Sturdy skillet: for everything from heating sauce to frying eggs to sauteing vegetables
  • Immersion blender: my new-found treasure that has helped me combat my hate of winter by allowing me to make endless pots of pureed soups
  • Vegetable peeler: it’s saved me from many potential cuts from trying to maneuver a knife
  • Crockpot: beneficial for serving food to large groups with minimal time and energy wasted
  • Oven pan: great for roasting vegetables or making roasted vegetable lasagna
  • Ikea tupperware: my set came with 17 different pieces and several different sizes, which are ideal for everything from storing large batches of soup to taking hummus dip to work

So what do I still need?

  • Oven-proof omelet pan: right now I’m resorting to making mini frittatas in cupcake tins, but I would love to make a full-sized frittata in the oven
  • Juicer: I would love to be able to whip up fresh fruit and vegetable juice for breakfast or snacks
  • Mandoline: perfect for slicing vegetables for fries, gratins, and stir fries
  • Grill: a counter-sized George Foreman would be great for paninis, grilled chicken, and seafood
  • Angled measuring cup: these eliminate the annoying, albeit small, step of having to pick up the measuring cup or bend down to look at the measurements

And what is adorable but utterly useless and a waste of money and counter space?

Quesadilla Maker (Photo Credit:

  • Fondue pot: it would be a great item to have for a fondue party, but the chances of me using it more than once are slim
  • A quesadilla maker: Target carries a fun festive red quesadilla maker, but let’s be real: a skillet is just as functional
  • Cupcake Maker (Photo Credit:

  • A cupcake maker: Target also carries a cute frosted pink cupcake maker, but cupcake tins and an oven work just fine for me
  • Garlic press: some people would find this incredibly useful, but I actually enjoy chopping garlic
  • A mango splitter: this is an example of a kitchen tool with a very limited function. I tend to like items that have multiple purposes

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