Recap: This Week

Sunday: Couch day. Chick flicks. Cookie dough. Coffee. Friends. Clyde’s Wine Night. Garrett’s. Slumber Party.

Monday: Girls’ Brunch. Morning Walk. Cooking [minestrone, muffins, lasagna]. Page. GMAT Prep. Early Bedtime.

Tuesday: Early Wake-Up. Geology Class. Starbucks Time. Friend Lunch. Acting Class. Errands. HMSR Class. Eggplant Balls. Friend’s Birthday Potluck. Senior Night Out.

Wednesday: No Starbucks. Work Orientation. Delicious Pastrami Havarti Spinach Sandwich. Office Tour. Fun with Fellow Intern. Work Time. Cozy Time. Dollhouse TV Show.

Thursday: Geology Class. Work Work Work. Homemade Minestrone + Roasted Vegetable Lasagna. Endless Cups of Coffee. Free Office Happy Hour in Chinatown. Shuffleboard. Meeting Colleagues. Home. Bed at9pm.

Friday: Work. Columbia Heights House Party. GW Bites Acquisition Proposal. Adams Morgan. Jumbo Slice. Sleepover.

Saturday: Fresca Omelets. Dollhouse Watching. New GW Bites Service Idea. Slow-Cooker Prep. Target [clearance clothes, GW Bites treats, kitchen tools, coffeemaker, coffee]. Girls Dinner. Moroccan Chicken and Potato Stew. Beatles Party.

Sunday: More GW Bites Ideas. Senior Girls Brunch [my place]. Coffee Tasting….to be continued 🙂

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