I am so so happy- the first week back at school for my second semester of senior year has been phenomenal. Just the right combination of relaxing, working, and playing.

Random musings:

  • The clearance section at Target makes my day. I got a reversible hot pink vest for $4!
  • I finally bought another set of pearls- I felt empty without a pair
  • Food dates are the best dates [see posts on girls dinner and girls brunch!]
  • I’m loving my new glasses- my eyes needed a break from contacts
  • Flavored coffee is so exciting- I’m looking forward to waking up to a different kind every day [I was not kidding about stocking up on different varieties- I bought caramel drizzle, mocha mint, vanilla nut, french vanilla, gingerbread, and pumpkin spice]
  • I need to schedule a massage appointment to use my gift certificate from Girls on the Run
  • I’m looking forward to perusing The New Brooklyn Cookbook, which was a gift from my brother and his wife
  • Scheduling tons of GW Bites meetings with potential new guest chefs
  • I have exciting GW Bites news [hint: it involves a juicer and cakes]
  • Trying to convince people to go to Medieval Madness with me- only $24 on!

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