Cristina’s Tip of the Week

As a Compass Mentor, I have a small group of four freshmen who I meet with weekly. Specifically, my role is to guide them through the process of learning about social entrepreneurship, but we also chat about classes, social lives, cooking, etc.

We decided recently that I would give them a weekly tip- on anything from what fun places to check out in DC to how to avoid stress to healthy eating habits.

I figured I’d share my tips here!

  • Add some ZEST to your lifecheck out the Washington Post Going Out Guide for fun events throughout the city. You can even save your favorites on your own life and share it with friends! [This tip was accompanied by a slice of homemade coconut lemon zest bread- get the pun?]
  • Take initiative in the Compass Fellowship and beyond. Think we should all volunteer as a group? Set up an event with DC Central Kitchen. Is there another Fellow you haven’t had a chance to connect with? Invite them for coffee!
  • When you’re in a working relationship with an “elder,” learn to “manage up” [this tip was passed on to me by my professor, Kathy Korman Frey]. What does this mean? Take control of the relationship- you suggest a date, you confirm meetings, you send a thank-you email. Taking charge shows you know what you’re doing but it also eases the pressure on the other person- especially if they’re a busy executive director, like my mentor!  [P.S. Right after posting this, I got the following gchat from a friend: “great blog post! followed up with supervisors i met in a meeting today b/c of it!”]

Do you have any tips I could share with my Fellows?


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