highlights of the past few days:

  • today i got a care package in the mail from my former roommate’s mom. she is SO sweet and considerate. it had a calendar with pictures of herbs and related recipes, as well as a “make your own herb garden” kit. and the card made me tear up!
  • i can justify lying in bed reading jurassic park as “schoolwork,” because i can write an extra credit report on it for geology class
  • i had dinner with a new friend. we’re both sick of the standard gw hang out spots, so we explored new places and had some fun little adventures. we plan to make it our new tuesday night tradition after our class gets out
  • i was invited to be a writer for a new website launching at gw. the details are still up in the air as of now, but it was flattering to receive an offer
  • i was invited to speak at an event for my major. specifically, i was asked to talk about interdisciplinary work because of my interest in bridging the gap between business and non-profit work
  • just 9 days until i leave for israel!
  • the livingsocial interns have a fun happy hour planned for tomorrow night!
  • i was interviewed for bgsk college, which is launching soon


  • i’m still sick after almost a week! despite sipping enormous amounts of green tea, drinking theraflu, popping vitamin c drops, and taking nyquil, i’m still not feeling 100%
  • my laundry has not cleaned itself yet! what a shame

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