• Finally deep-cleaning my apartment (including rearranging my whole closet)
  • Hanging out with new and old friends
  • Waking up to a beautiful sunny DC morning
  • Getting inspired behind the lens of my camera
  • First time in the photography lab
  • 8:30pm bedtime
  • Homemade pizza and wine with a friend
  • Blog reading- here, here, and here
  • Fun work happy hours [with sushi and shuffleboard]
  • Watching Jurassic Park
  • Pandora quick mixes of Frank Sinatra, classical music, country music, & Taio Cruz

To come this week:

  • Photo session with a friend
  • Superbowl
  • Geology exam!
  • Tuesday night post-class adventure
  • Reggae night
  • Seeing The Roommate [with my former roommate!]
  • Cookbook skimming [Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Cooking from the Farmer’s Market, & Beyond the Break Basket]


  • NYC to see brothers, sister-in-laws, and nephew [for his first birthday!]
  • First flight across the Atlantic
  • ISRAEL 🙂

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