birthright: by definition

Circle-ize: the verb of to get into a circle, originated by our tour guide Gil

Harel: our incredible bus driver who was a part of our family. We played lots of poker together!

The Roman Sisters: the nickname given to me and my sister by the group. We were very proud of this, especially after one girl told us we should have our own TV show 🙂

Sanasa: this very difficult-to-spell phrase is a special song and dance originated by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on The Simple Life. The Roman Sisters have adapted it and made an effort to “sanasa” at many important Israeli landmarks- including while riding a camel.

Schnitzel: being a bad Jew, the only thing I knew about schnitzel was that it is mentioned in The Sound of Music during “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.” I know not only know what it is, but I am officially schnitzeled-out after eating it at every meal

“Be with us”: a ubiquitous phrase used by Gil and apparently every other Israeli. It essentially means “shut up and listen to me, you crazy Americans”

Two bottles of water: the amount of water needed for each and every event in Israel, whether it be circle-izing or taking a two hour hike.

45 minutes: the distance of everything from everything else in Israel. The bar down the street? 45 minutes away. The city at the opposite end of the country? 45 minutes away.

Matisyahu: the Hasidic Jew Reggaeton rapper who sings “Jerusalem, If I Forget You’; this song defines the trip for me

The BOB: the five seats at the Back of the Bus, where inappropriate jokes were made, friendships were formed, and sisterhood was solidified. Most importantly, the BOB is a state of mind, not a place

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