weekend recap + resolutions

  • Playing with baby nephew
  • Museum of Natural History with Birthright kids 🙂
  • Megabus to DC
  • Cooking [recipes to come]
  • Homemade dinner with friends
  • Photo lab
  • Couch day with a friend- Life is Beautiful and What Not to Wear marathon!
  • Compass Bootcamp- a whole day of refining the freshmen Fellows’ business ventures
  • Picked up Scars of War, Wounds of Peace- The Israeli-Arab Tragedy
  • Run through DC in beautiful weather
  • Wine night with a friend

All in all, a nice [mostly] relaxing weekend…perfect for readjusting to “normal” life while still incorporating my post-Birthright resolutions:

  • Take a computer and phone break every day
  • Go hiking at least once every two weeks
  • Travel abroad after school
  • Read the Israel-Palestinian NYTimes column
  • Do something new/fun every Sunday
  • Read books + watch movies about my culture [Life is Beautiful, Exodus, Elie Wiesel Goes Home]

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