the weekend in review

  • Worked all day
  • Went to U St with a friend- We ate at Dukem, which is probably the most popular Ethiopian restaurant on U St. We left Foggy Bottom at 7:30 and got home just before midnight! It was one of those glorious hours-long dinners- I confirmed with a guy friend that males do not do this; I told him he was missing out


  • Enjoyed the amazing DC weather during a short walk
  • Loaded up on Starbucks coffee
  • Stopped by Borders- it’s going out of business, so I bought a soup cookbook and a present for my sister
  • Headed to the photo lab- made two prints in record time [though still 3 hours]
  • Pasta with anchovies and walnuts
  • Babysat  for an adorable 11-month-old
  • Had a fun night out in Georgetown


  • Brunch with a friend [parmesan garlic baguette with Irish butter, Jarlsberg cheese, scrambled eggs, fake meat sausage, navel oranges, and mocha mint coffee- yum!]
  • TWO movies for free (thanks to LivingSocial, Fandango, and the people who purchased off my link!)- Take Me Home Tonight [intriguing but odd] and The Adjustment Bureau [incredible! my new favorite movie!]
  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
  • Quick snack date with a friend
  • Work session at Illy with a different friend [we’re working on a special project!]

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