back to running

I went to the gym today for the first time in…awhile! I’ve done some outside running but I’ve been very inconsistent.

Some people hate the act of working out but love the end result. I love both.

I love pushing myself. I love an excuse to read trashy tabloids on the treadmill. I love listening to long-lost songs on my iPod. I love seeing people I know at the gym. I love having to wipe away sweat. I love wearing cute gym clothes.

I also love being able to say I’m a runner. The “runners’ high” I have for the rest of the day. The way I’m more conscious of my physical health overall. The way I feel more self-confident.

My problem: I get into a good work out groove- a consistent schedule but not obsessive. But once I miss one or two days of working out, it’s nearly impossible to get me back on track.

My solution:

  • Review this blog post frequently
  • Think of each work out as a way to improve my day (instead of focusing too heavily on future benefits)
  • Update my iPod so that I’m looking to hearing a special work out playlist
  • Save my Better Homes and Gardens magazine for gym days
  • Invest (every so often) in new well-fitting gym attire
  • Remember that all I have to do is put on my clothes. Once I’m in them, I know I’m going on a run

Any other advice?


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