the qualities of a serial entrepreneur

I have a track record of being incredibly excited about a new idea or project and then losing interest after awhile. I burn out when I feel like I’ve mastered something or can no longer be innovative within a field…or if I just get bored.

So instead of letting this tendency stop me from getting invested in new things, I want to work on harnessing it effectively.

Though I won’t call myself a serial entrepreneur [I think that title, like social entrepreneur, should be reserved for those with a proven track record], I do think I share some of the same qualities and can benefit from adapting their mindsets.

One quality I love about myself is my ability to hatch an idea and implement it.In an article called The Rise of the Serial Entrepreneur, a woman said “”When it’s still about growth and newness and inspiration, when it’s a challenge and you’re trying to get that idea out there, it’s my thing.” And that’s exactly how I feel.

Sustaining it is where I run into trouble.

So, my challenge to myself is to learn how to build infrastructure and foster leadership so that my idea can thrive even after I move on to my next venture.


2 thoughts on “the qualities of a serial entrepreneur

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