last week’s recap


  • Photography class: check plus on depth-of-field photo assignment 🙂
  • Work: scheduled several meetings for Thursday and worked on a new project


  • Slow morning of a luxurious breakfast and blog reading before class
  • A fun geology lab (yes, I said “fun” and “geology” in the same sentence!)
  • A quick run- it’s been awhile!
  • Study date with a friend on the roof over homemade lunch and iced coffees
  • Class (with an interesting guest speaker from a community foundation)
  • Fixed a gas leak in my apartment (with some help from Washington Gas Company!)
  • Celebrated Mardi Gras at Bayou (25 & Penn) with old friends and new friends


  • First GW Bites meal in awhile! The menu is carrot ginger soup, spinach feta quiche, and toffee bark
  • Studying for geology


  • Geology exam
  • Great day at work (including a meeting with my boss and a brainstorming session with one of the teams)
  • Lounging on the couch with Veronica Mars (my favorite TV show in the world, other than Friends)


  • Train to NC (as one person on Twitter said, “trains are society in motion.” Very true!)
  • ….the rest to come in my North Carolina recap post!

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