goodbye miami, hello raleigh

At the last minute, I decided to forgo my planned spring break trip to Miami and stay in DC. Although some people think I’m crazy for passing up my last college spring break ever, I think I made the right decision.

I came to North Carolina for a few days, which has been amazing [as always].

I’m back in DC now, where I’m going to put in extra work hours, have several meetings, and relax- enjoy my city without any (okay, many) time constraints. It may sound boring to some, but I am really looking forward to getting back in touch with what I love about DC without thinking about racing off to my next obligation.

North Carolina recap:

  • Sushi dinner & a beer at our favorite sports bar, Tobacco Road
  • A wild St. Patrick’s Day celebration, including the most redneck parade you could imagine and a benefit party for St. Baldrick’s
  • A morning in the park in 77 (yes, 77!) degree weather
  • Carolina/Duke game
  • Girls night (3 hour Bachelor finale, wine, and spaghetti- and yes, I’m embarrassed to admit this haha)

I get this recurring feeling when I’m with my sister in North Carolina. Everything we do- no matter how trivial- feels novel and fun. For example, cuddling in bed with the 3 girls (my sister and my “nieces,” her 2 dogs) in the morning makes me so happy. Driving to get our morning coffee at the local Starbucks feels fresh. Even running “boring” errands isn’t boring. It got me thinking about if I would have that feeling living here after school…


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