“good to be me”

The Uncle Kracker song “Good to be Me” just happened to play on Pandora, and it goes incredibly well with my current mood! This weekend was great, and I’m excited to share!
  • Created new blog, made initial posts, & emailed several people about featuring their photography work [P.S. Interested in submitting food and/or home decor photos? Tweet me or post a comment]
  • Decided on my photography final project [a unique spin on “Spring in DC”]
  • Had a glorious brunch at Bread & Chocolate with my “former not ex” roommate, who is still one of my very very best friends
  • Sat in a cafe [okay, okay, it was Starbucks!] in Dupont Circle…people watched and talked about our life plans
  • Babysat the adorable 13 month old I’ve babysat before
  • Had a fun and low key night out with a friend in Georgetown
  • Had a fantastic time at Shift Series [blog post to come]; met some great people, including several folks from NC! Yes, I just said folks haha
  • Loved the food at Ping Pong Dim Sum…it can pricey but if you’re careful, it’s not too bad
  • Enjoyed a night out in a little local dive bar full of a unique cast of characters
  • Bought several things at Target…a large pot for soup [finally!], several shirts on clearance, and coconut macaroon coffee [also finally!]
  • Bought a blender for delicious spring smoothies

Remember how I tweeted about receiving great news? I can officially announce it! My sister-in-law is having another baby! I can’t believe that I get a whole ‘nother baby to love! Being an aunt has completely surpassed all of my expectations and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for my family!


2 thoughts on ““good to be me”

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  2. Pingback: “good to be me” « Scintillating Simplicity | Midia Social

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