nearing the end of the semester…

…which means:

  • Long nights out on patios with friends, beautiful weather…and Coronas!
  • Camping with frolfing [frisbee golf!], s’mores, campfires, country music, and Bojangle’s
  • Art museum to see the Close to Home: Photographers and Their Families exhibit
  • Long walks through the city
  • Last minute extra credit assignments
  • My first and last afternoon in the library this semester
  • Last day of classes tomorrow!
  • Finishing up my final photo assignment
  • Resolving last minute graduation issues
  • Finally downloading Google Chrome [such an upgrade over Safari!]
  • New recipe inspiration [coming soon!]
  • Awesome multimedia presentation on GW Bites and two other GW-based businesses. Thanks to Andrea, Rachel, and Scott 🙂
To my awesome sister, Miss Sara Rose Roman: kudos for how incredibly strong, proactive, and inspirational you are! Love you so much.

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