a portfolio career- the way of the future?

In the past, it seems like there was a stigma against holding several part-time jobs. It was considered a curse of the flaky; an unstable solution.

But these days, portfolio careers are on the rise. According to Quint Careers:

…you work multiple part-time jobs (including part-time employment, temporary jobs, freelancing, and self-employment) with different employers that when combined are the equivalent of a full-time position. Portfolio careers offer more flexibility, variety, and freedom, but also require organizational skills as well as risk tolerance.

I think I’m destined for a portfolio career. I love the thrill of piecing together ventures, ideas, and projects to satisfy my different interests. Luckily for me, my interests- while diverse- revolve around very similar themes. Ideally, I would love to expand GW Bites, run my portfolio-building seminars for women, continue work on Harmonized Living, and launch The Roman Empire (a promotion company) with my sister!

I’m also very interested in the intersection of a portfolio career, portfolio entrepreneurship, and serial entrepreneurship.

Anyone out there with a thriving portfolio career? What are the pros and cons (beyond the obvious ones)?

P.S. Here is a great article by Claire Adler that goes into depth on portfolio careers.


5 thoughts on “a portfolio career- the way of the future?

  1. You’re spot on, Cristina! The world of work is changing and I think a portfolio career is something that people will become increasingly familiar with.

    While such a career does provide flexibility, variety and freedom, I believe it’s also a means to creating a fulfilling life where we get to choose our work-life blend.

    All the best with your journey of portfolio career discovery!


    • Hi Jehangir,
      Thanks for your insight! I think you’re absolutely right about the phrase becoming more well-known in the very near future.
      I also love the idea of using this arrangement to create a more fulfilling life overall, not just a more satisfying work life.
      I look forward to following the postings on your blog!

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