and it’s here…

Grad Week is coming to a close and Commencement Weekend is about to, well, commence.

  • Sunset Kayaking and Sunrise Tequilas with LivingSocial was really fun…I think all the girls were most excited about our buffalo wings post-kayaking haha
  • My post-graduation job is officially solidified- I’ll be transitioning to the recruiting team of LivingSocial, working virtually from Raleigh
  • On Wednesday I babysat for one of my favorite babies, a little ten-month-old girl. The job entails playing with her and cooking- pretty much couldn’t ask for anything better!
  • On Thursday my dad got into town, so we had brunch at my favorite spot and then both did our separate work at a table in Starbucks
  • We then went to dinner with my freshman roommate and her parents, which was SO fun. We decided to forego typical fancy graduation dinner places and settled on Mei Wah, our freshman year throwback. Her parents are so incredibly sweet- her mom has been sending me care packages since I was a freshman, so I gave her a small gift (a beautiful candle from Israel and Burt’s Bees from Durham, NC!). I want to be that thoughtful to my kids’ friends when I grow up!
  • My roommate and I met up with some other friends for a few drinks- and I ended up getting great advice from my friend’s dad, who is a restauranteur! Side note: I love being at a stage in life where people feel comfortable inviting their parents out for the night with their friends. My friend and I got into a long discussion on interacting with parents. We feel that it comes so naturally for us to “chat it up” with parents, but we realize that it makes some people our age really nervous. I think it says a lot about how we were raised that we’re so at ease. So thanks Mom!
To come:
  • Another day of babysitting- that makes a 36 hour workweek, which practically makes me a real adult
  • My sister and her friend, who is basically an honorary Roman, get in tonight, so we’ll be having a girls night out
  • I get to see my brother, his wife, and my stepdad for my school graduation tomorrow- yeah CCAS!
  • Dinner at one of my favorite spots near my place, then rooftop cocktails…and probably a lot of rounds of charades and Taboo. Welcome to my family!
  • Big graduation on the National Mall then brunch at home (in my courtyard)…we decided a low key brunch would be less stressful for everyone, especially baby nephew
  • North Carolina for a few days!
I’m so so excited to see the “R-Unit” (the name of the Roman clan haha) and celebrate with them. Some people dread seeing their families, I LOVE it.
Next time I blog, I’ll be an official college graduate, so get ready!!

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