raleigh: a narrated walk through downtown

Well, I am (happily) overwhelmed after a very fruitful day wandering the streets of downtown Raleigh. So overwhelmed, in fact, that I have to write not one, not two, but three blog entries today in order to get everything down in writing.

My adventure started at 2:30pm when I took the R-Line bus to Morning Times (see entry below). I then decided to walk home and managed to find out about a million cool places. I felt like a stranger in the city, even though I’m from the next city over and I lived here all summer. And I mean stranger in the best way possible. I felt enlightened and fascinated to discover so much about the thriving downtown area.

For example, who knew there were five named districts? There is Glenwood South, Capital District, Warehouse District, Fayetteville Street District, and Moore Square District.

Follow me on my walk:

  • Porch Rockin’: lunchtime meal delivery of sandwiches and sides to busy professionals. Veryyy similar to my business idea; emailed the founder about collaborating
  • Design Box: a “workplace, gallery, and design shop.” In a funky warehouse-like building full of unique art and bright colors. Might be a possibility for part-time office space for me, my sister, and a few of my co-workers. Must follow up with staff
  • The Roast Grill: Their limited hours could mean it’s a possibility for a commercial kitchen rental
  • My future apartment building *fingers crossed*: I dropped by and spoke to several residents. They said it was a great community and they love their apartments. They mentioned the hassle of no laundry in the apartments and no central air, but as a current resident of DC, I reassured them I could handle those factors! Besides, I have my sister’s laundry room to use 🙂
  • The Cupcake Shoppe: I know I said I was over cupcakes, but it might be worth checking out!
  • Dress: an adorable consignment store on Glenwood, where everything is organized by color (my kind of place!)
  • Tutti Frutti: a forthcoming frozen yogurt place. Raleigh may be a little behind on the fro-yo trend, but it’s just in time for summer!
  • Zaky: an express Mediterranean restaurant
  • Zely & Ritz: fresh, organic, and locally grown restaurant offering tapas and a wine bar
  • The Rockford: a famed (and pretty well-hidden) sandwich place on Glenwood
  • Skirt Magazine: I was re-introduced to this magazine somewhere along my walk on Glenwood. It’s “all about women. Their work, play, families, creativity, health and wealth, bodies and souls…skirt! is an attitude”
  • Peace Camera: a slightly run-down store that is full of both character and characters. I plan to take a few of their workshops once I invest in a good digital camera
  • The Sahara Cafe: I’m not a huge fan of hookah bars, but this one seems to have a neat environment. And I can practice my Arabic!
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