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The Raleigh Forum, our coworking space in downtown Raleigh, is now open! Check out our website, browse our Twitter, and shoot us an email!

If you’ve been following my tweets, you’ll know that my sister (@sararoseroman) and I are looking into establishing a coworking space in Downtown Raleigh. We sparked the idea because we both want a comfortable, welcoming community atmosphere where we can do our work (hers is for her non-profit, Change the Triangle, and mine is my virtual work with LivingSocial).

In order to make sure we know what we’re doing, we came up with an extensive list of helpful resources. Check them out!


  • Deskmag– The Coworking Magazine
  • Shareable– Sharing by design: focuses on models like coworking, car sharing [ZipCar], microfinance crowdsourcing [Kiva]
  • Coworking Wiki: provide resources for “Space Owners,” “Space Catalysts,” “Coworkers,” and folks who are “Just Interested.”
  • Global Coworking Blog: anyone can submit a post!
  • Docking Station: a very thorough list of coworking resources
Twitter accounts
Interested in Raleigh coworking space? Follow us at @raleighcowork or email us (! 

It’s up to us to face head-on the challenges of a coworking space. We hope to fill the need that previous coworking spaces (like Protege Cafe, Cowork Raleigh, Edge Office, & SoCo Studio) sought to fill.

3 thoughts on “coworking space resources

  1. Welcome to coworking! Did you know about Designbox? We have been a downtown creative collective and flexible space / coworking center since 2003. We’d appreciate a mention under your resources.


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