lady gaga recently said…

“Some women follow men while others follow their dreams. When deciding which to follow, just remember your career will never wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you any more.”

 I respectfully disagree, Lady Gaga. We’ve all heard many a-story about cosmopolitan career-oriented women pouring sweat, tears, and countless hours into their fast-tracked jobs, only to be replaced by someone younger, “smarter,” “more in touch with the times,” or, let’s face it, sexier. So in a way, it’s a perfect parallel between a man waking up and telling you he doesn’t love you anymore. Only in this case, it might be a whole boardroom full of men.

I’m certainly not advocating giving up your professional dreams to pursue a man. If a man asked me to give up my entrepreneurial endeavors to follow him mindlessly, goodness knows that relationship would be over before you could say “Misogynist.” But I think it’s about balance. I know my own tendency to become single-minded in my pursuit of career goals, and I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to be that extreme either.

I think the most important takeaway to keep in mind is that focusing solely on one area of your life is bound to leave you unhappy. As my mentor Julie Kantor once told me, life is a juggling act. You have glass balls and rubber balls. You can’t afford to drop the glass balls because they’re irreparable. The rubber balls represent areas of your life that you can pick back up if they fall. Everyone has different priorities and circumstances, so here’s to determining your own path to work-life balance.

Still agree with Lady Gaga? Think I make an interesting point? Let me know 🙂 


2 thoughts on “lady gaga recently said…

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